Our Commitment to Your Child’s Safety

SMASH Volleyball leaders and coaches have many responsibilities and the most important is to ensure that we provide a safe environment for your children. We take this responsibility very seriously.

To that end, we are committed to the Responsible Coaching  Movememnt (RCM). Featured recently in the news, it is a call to action by the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) for sport organizations to implement policies and processes to ensure children are safe. We are happy to see that the government of Canada is taking this issue seriously and will withhold funding if Provincial Sport Organizations and National Sport Organizations do not implement RCM policies. The RCM is coordinated by the CAC and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, and it highlights three key areas that SMASH has implemented and will continually enforce:

  1. Rule of Two

There will be no private one-on-one interactions between participants and our leaders and coaches.

  1. Background Screening

This ensures that all SMASH leaders (coaches, administrators, chaperones, etc) who work with your children are responsible and fit for their position.

  1. Respect and Ethics Training

All our coaches will undergo National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Making Ethical Decisions training.

The RCM provides preventative tools to protect your children, resulting in the reduction of negative sport experiences related to bullying, abuse, unethical coaching, etc. SMASH parents always have the right to speak with our leaders and coaches if they have questions or concerns about interactions with their child, or their child’s experience.

Watch this short video for some advice about what questions to ask your child’s club or program. You can ensure your child’s safety by holding other sport programs accountable and by choosing programs that take your child’s safety seriously!

Resources for Parents:



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