• We love the sport of volleyball and do everything we can to display that love in everything we do.


  • We strive to be accountable and provide the best environment to everyone that is involved in our organization from athletes, to coaches, to parents, and community partners.


  • We avoid being stagnant in our operations. We are always finding ways to improve everything about our organization. The closest we can come to perfection is constant improvement.



At Smash Volleyball we share our love of volleyball with your child while teaching important motor skills, social skills and of course volleyball skills!



Our participants, players and coaches, using volleyball as a platform to achieve personal greatness in their life and in turn giving back to the volleyball community.



Smash Volleyball programs teach the basic skills of volleyball, teamwork, court positions, and strategies necessary to keep the ball flying and have fun! We aim to provide such a great experience that your child will count down the days until the next program. Our programs feature small teams, equal playing time, grouping kids with their skill peers, and excellence in instruction. In addition to volleyball, we teach fundamental movement skills that will serve as a foundation for all future athletic endeavours. Volleyball is an amazing lifelong sport that provides great exercise in a safe, mentally challenging environment. Our programs are tailored for all skill levels. See you on the court!