Offering Indoor & Outdoor Volleyball !


We value passion, community, and growth.

We love the sport of volleyball and we show that in all our actions.

We use volleyball as a platform to achieve personal greatness.

We continually evolve and find ways to improve.


“The team really enjoyed their day! Coach James has a great mix of coaching enthusiasm and reality checks. They want him back!!! Thanks for the great tournament” – Marco T 

“Thank you for such a great camp this past week for the volleyball camp. My daughter LOVED it and the coaches were fantastic. Just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks and she will register again next week!” – Jill J

“Smash strikes the perfect balance between fun and skill development. My daughter has played with Smash for years and has really improved her game! As a teacher myself I really appreciate the way they work with the kids. They meet their energy, challenge them, and keep it positive, supportive and fun. It is because of Smash that my daughter has found her sport.” – Suzanne W

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Janice Johnson

As a parent of 4 children, I am very impressed by the Smash program. It’s all about learning to play for fun and developing a skill that you can use for a lifetime. It is a pressure free environment where the players are the focus of the program. The coaches are super patient and pass on their love for the sport to the players. It’s all about touches on the ball and making everyone feel a part of the team. I have 2 children playing Smash this year and they are always keen to get to volleyball on time and stay as long as possible! For the development team, the level of commitment is perfect for allowing children to try out a sport and see what they like best. The competition is friendly and everyone gets a chance to play.

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The coaches are friendly and make volleyball fun for anyone. The drills really make a difference in your play. I’d recommend Smash to anyone who likes volleyball.

Nadine Plett

Nadine Plett

I have coached for and learned from Darrin & Brian over the past couple years. The environment they create for young volleyballers is safe and geared towards learning. Most importantly the kids always have fun when they're being coached by Darrin & Brian!

Mai Hoang

Mai Hoang

I’ve been around Brian and Darrin in the volleyball community for a long time in a variety of capacities. They are among the most passionate and knowledgable volleyball people I have ever met. I say volleyball people because they are more than just coaches. Both of them have played at a high level and give back to the sport as referees, administrators, and volunteers. In the Lower Mainland if you go to a volleyball event of any kind, chances are you’ll run into Brian or Darrin there helping out in some capacity.


Mika Chow

I have known Darrin & Brian as both coaches and players for a number of years. Both of them have shown to me and countless other athletes how passionate and talented they are when it comes to teaching volleyball. The volleyball community is lucky to have them.

Lynnea C

Lynnea Carr

I’ve known Darrin for many years since his father was my volleyball coach. He has always been such a supportive person throughout my volleyball career. Last year I approached Darrin when I was cut from a volleyball team I really hoped to make. He helped me get back on my feet in the volleyball world and his training has really helped my game. Every week there is something new to learn and he really pays attention to detail. He is one of the most knowledgeable people I have met and he does his best to make sure you understand every drill and activity. Darrin has helped me through a knee injury and has helped increase my overall fitness and wellness as an athlete. He is an exceptional volleyball coach.

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