When do I drop off my child?

Please arrive 15-30 minutes prior to your first session for each program in order to complete registration. For subsequent session you may arrive from 5-15 minutes early.

What should my child wear?

Non-marking athletic shoes, shorts or sweatpants, and athletic top.  Younger children newer to volleyball might benefit from long sleeves so that there is no pain with forearm passing.  .

Should my child bring anything else?

Yes please bring a water bottle and any medication that your child might need.

What happens if there is an emergency?

If your child is injured or there is any other emergency, we will call you immediately and afterwards we will complete an incident report. If there is an emergency for the entire gymnasium (fire, etc…) we will have a pre-determined evacuation area where we will keep your children until they are picked up.

Who are the coaches?

We will train already experienced coaches our SMASH Volleyball system and we will only hire the best available coaches in the city. Among our coaches will be National team players, University coaches, former Olympians and university athletes! All coaches will have ethical training and background checks.

Can we still buy a t-shirt if we didn’t order prior to the first session?

Yes. We will have extra t-shirts for sale starting in the second session of each program. Those who pre-order will have first choice of sizing and colours though on the first day.

Please confirm if by submitting the form that my daughter is automatically accepted into the program? 

Yes, if registration is available online we still have room in the program!

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

We have a satisfaction guarantee. If our program is not a fit or in case of injury or illness we will give a full refund.

What is the location for the practices for Vancouver-West?

We are hoping to officially announce the location before Sept 1st. It will likely be Magee Secondary but we are just waiting for confirmation from the Vancouver School Board. If it is not Magee we have requested a Secondary school west of Oak Street.

Will the kids be re-grouped within all age groups group based on ability?

Yes, Junior, Intermediate and Senior kids will be moved so that they are playing games mostly with their skill peers. If they are head and shoulders above everyone in their group we will consider moving them up to the next division.

Are parents able to watch practices?

Yes! Please come and say hi to your coaches! We want to get to know all of you!