For the first time Smash will run grade 6/7 and grade 8/9 competitive spring leagues for girls and boys! Leagues will be held at Vancouver Christian School and Magee Secondary. Invite school teammates and friends to join and get a head start on the fall season. School teammates or friends not able to play? No worries! Sign up and we will find you a team! The grade 8/9 league will also accept intermediate grade 10 players.



Participants will receive 30 minutes of instruction and 60 minutes of matches and in the final week will compete in a 3 hour final tournament. Teams will move up or down the ladder each week as they battle for top seeding. Friend requests and school teammates will play on the same teams and team shirts are included. Grade 6/7’s will have 5-6 players per team and play 4 vs 4. Grade 8/9’s will have 7-9 players per team and play 6 vs 6. Play with your friends! Pro-rated (week 3 start) cost is $209 (no tax) including team shirt. 


Grade 6/7’s 

When: Sundays April 7 – June 2* (off April 21 & May 19)

Time: 3:00pm-4:30pm

Where: Magee Secondary

Grade 8/9’s

When: Sundays April 7-June 2* (off April 21 & May 19)

Time: 3:00pm-4:30pm

Where: Magee Secondary 


Season ending club style tournament (6/7’s and 8/9’s):
When: Sun, June 2nd

Time: 3:00pm-6:00pm

Where: Magee Secondary




Grade 6/7’s 

When: Saturdays April 6 – June 2* (off April 20 & May 18)

Time: 3:00pm-4:30pm 

Where: Vancouver Christian School


Season ending club style tournament:

When: Sun, June 2nd

Time: 3:00pm-6:00pm 

Where: Magee Secondary




Do I need to register my entire team?

No. Just register and include your grade and school on your online registration form and tell your friends from your school to do the same!

Can I play with someone from another school? 

If your team has less than a full roster, we will also consider friend requests when we put together our teams.

Should I sign up in my current grade? 

YES! Sign up in your current grade, not your grade in the fall.

Do you have boys and girls separated? 

Yes. We have girls grade 6-7 & grade 8-9 league and boys grade 6-7 & grade 8-9 league.

What does each session look like? 

Each session we will have 30 minutes of instruction from experienced coaches and 60 minutes of games. Teams will play in a ladder – win to move up to compete against similar level teams and also to fight for final seeding for championship day!

My son or daughter is a club, select or development player, can he/she still play? 

Yes! Our program is only once per week starting in April. If it works with their schedule they should join their school teammates!

My son or daughter is a beginner and wants more skill instruction. Is there a program for him or her? 

Yes we still have our regular house league for grade 3-4 and grade 5-7 kids to learn how to play. 

Smash Programs:

January-March: Development teams (grade 7-10 girls), house leagues (grade 3-8 girls & boys), spring break camp 

April-June: Competitive leagues (grade 6-10 girls & boys), house leagues (grade 3-8 girls & boys)

June-August: Beach leagues (grade 7-11 boys & girls), indoor camp (grade 6-11 boys & girls)

September-December: Skills clinics (grade 6-10 girls & boys), house leagues (grade 3-8 girls & boys)